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Signature Rice and Oats Body Polish

We provide skin treatment and care services which can help you in a variety of way. Not only your face but the whole body requires a good condition of skin in order to enhance your appearance and make you look good. Among the various services that we offer of beauty and skin care, you can get a top quality body polishing treatment. At our spa, we provide a Signature Rice and Oats Body Polish in Juhu at the most affordable rate. The body polishing that we offer is very effective on the skin and improves the conditions as well as the quality of it.

This process takes about 45 to 60 minutes and makes use of the best quality freshly plucked rice and oats. The rice and oat are mixed and combined with some herbs as well as milk which help in liquidation of the whole paste. The whole thing is cooked properly and then massaged or rubbed over the body with delicacy and care. While providing our Signature Rice and Oats Body Polish in Juhu, we sometimes also mix up specialized massage oils as per the clients' recommendation. The addition of oil helps in a relaxed rub as well as in making a more moist paste.

Our offered Signature Rice and Oats Body Polish in Juhu does not only enhance the appearance and quality of skin but has some health benefits also. It is known for providing exfoliation to the skin as well as helps in reducing the sun spots and hyper-pigmentation. We make sure to use the best quality and fresh raw materials in making the paste which is applied to the body. Along with that, our facility is well equipped with the most advanced equipment and tools that are used for the services that we provide.