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Stone Massage

There is a wide range of massage services that we offer at our massage parlour. One of the most relaxing massages that we offer is the stone massage and we are an expert in providing this type of massage. Our offered Stone Massage in Juhu is available at the most affordable rate and offers an ultimate treat for the client. Massage is the most relaxed as well as comforting service that you can get after you have had too much of work and are seamlessly tired. And the stone massage does exactly that but only enhances the effects because of the uncommon techniques.

Our masseuses who perform the Stone Massage in Juhu are very well trained and have years of experience in this domain. They make use of the best in class techniques and methods that are known for their effectiveness on the clients' body as well as mind. In the process of this massage, our masseuses heat some smooth and flat stones which they would place on the different parts of your body. We have a variety of stones that we use for this process such as basalt stones, marine stone, limestone, marble stone etc. The body parts where these stones are placed include the spine, stomach, chest, palms, face, feet and toes.

Other than the relaxation that our Stone Massage in Juhu provides, it also offers various other benefits. It helps in promoting sleep and many people have suggested this massage as an alternative to the sleeping pills. Like many other massaging techniques, the stone massage is also known for curing a variety of pains especially back pain. Along with the stones that we use, our masseuses make use of the best quality oils and other massaging products. We have all the essential equipment as well as the massage table and beds.